Breast Augmentation
Woman breast, closeup. Plastic correction and surgery concept.

Breast Augmentation

When you think of plastic surgery you oftentimes think of breast augmentation. It is the fast growing procedure in the cosmetic surgery field. Let’s face it, having nice breasts is a big confidence booster. Not to be shallow but a big part of a woman’s looks are their breasts. Women that are un happy with their breast size are a prime candidate for the procedure.

When meeting with a surgeon they will explain all of the different options available to you. Implants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is up to you and your doctor to decide what is best for you. An alternative option to a implant is fat transfer. Breasts are made of fat so what a surgeon can do is take fat from other unwanted parts of your body (like the love handles) and inject them right int your hips. Not only will you get a nice boob job but you will lose some fat on your hips as well!

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