Is Plastic Surgery Bad For You?

Is Plastic Surgery Bad For You?

Some people opt not to have plastic surgery done because they believe it is bad for you. So is it? Yes and no.

Anytime you have a surgery of any kind it causes trauma to your body. However, surgeons techniques over the years have improved so much that scarring is minimal and damage to your body is minimal.

Another way plastic surgery can be bad is if you become addicted to it. If you have some loose skin from weight loss and want a tummy tuck, sure no problem. If you then decide you need your breasts done, liposuction, leg lifts, arm lifts, continual botox, a nose job etc… Then it starts to get a bit excessive for your body.

Overall, depending on the procedure, plastic surgery is not too bad for you. The pros typically outweigh the cons depending on the situation. Improved self confidence and a better outlook on life is certainly worth it!

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